Ten years of us

Ten years ago today I was sat next to you in the Funky Fish as this song played:
Praying you’d kiss me. Some wild god must have heard because you finally did and I realised that I never wanted to stop kissing you.

Us the day after. Already I'd decided I didn't want to part from you
Us the day after. Already I’d decided I didn’t want to part from you
It doesn’t feel like ten years has passed. I still feel as if I’m seeing you, discovering my love for you anew and hope I shall never become jaded to what we have.
Over the last ten years a lot has happened, even in the last year.
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
We’ve been to many, many parties.
We’ve lived in three places, one separately and two together. In 2007 we bought our flat.
I’ve had ten jobs and you’ve had four, you slacker… 🙂
We’ve made some amazing friends and lost some along the way.
New Zealand 2004, Australia 2014, Cuba 2013, Scotland 2010
New Zealand 2004, Australia 2014, Cuba 2013, Scotland 2010
We’ve had so many adventures travelling to the furthest reaches of this small world.
You asked me to marry you, and I, of course, said YES. After eight years I had to get used to not being your girlfriend anymore (no more girlfriend points) and becoming your wife.
You supported me as I retrained in my dream job as a counsellor and never complained about the time I spent studying and with my clients but not with you.
You can still make me laugh…
like nobody else can.
There’s been so many changes that at times it feels as if the world is spinning vertiginously around me. But you remain my constant, my north star.
Thank you for loving me, for taking care of me and for letting me take care of you.
I’m no longer the same girl that you met all those years ago and you aren’t the same boy. But like I wished we’ve grown together not apart. At dinner tonight we sat next to a couple who had been together 50 years, only 40 years to go!
Happy 10th anniversary HWSNBN. Here’s to us.
your Rowan


  1. April 5, 2014 / 9:14 pm

    Dammit Row, This is just too damn cute. Best wishes to you both x

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