Link love

The internet is a wondrous place. Here are just a few people whose wise words, beautiful images and general awesomeness rock my little world and feature heavily in my Google Reader.


Awkward Family Photos – this site makes me so glad my family does not know how to work a scanner

Passive Aggressive Notes – I’m British and I’ve lived in a lot of flatshares, of course I find this site amusing

PostSecret – strangers send in postcards inscribed with their secrets

The Happiness Project – inspirational and engaging

Tomato Nation – the vine is the best internet column in town

Whats Alan Watching – TV reviewing at it’s finest


A Practical Wedding – if you only ever visit one blog on this list make it this one. An US haven of  smart, honest, funny women discussing weddings, marriage, fertility, families, feminism and much, much more. I loves it, I do.

Anna and the Ring – honest and funny. Now Anna’s married her Bean, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Any Other Wedding – come for the Any Other photo series (where brides explain the story behind their favourite photo) stay for the community.

Beyond Beyond – chock full of the choicest bits of design, retro music videos and wedding pretty.

Bridal Musings – my highlight the film club, the best collection of wedding films in the web

Green Wedding Shoes – I’m always find myself drawn to the weddings on this US site

Love my Dress  – featuring vintage weddings way cooler than my day will be. But I’m OK with that

Pocketful of Dreams – the best DIY, craft and inspired mood boards

Rock n Roll Bride – Kat is the queen of alternative weddings and showcases weddings with an edge.

Rock My Wedding – a rabbit-hole of wedding pretty and real brides posts to lose yourself in.

Weddingbee – real US brides post about their wedding preparation and how the big day happened.


Bookends Agency – if you want to be a writer you should be reading this blog

Nathan Bransford – former agent, Nathan engages with all things publishing and social media related

Neil Gaiman – author of Neverwhere, Coraline, Stardust and American Gods. Need I say more

Jennifer Crusie – If you haven’t read Welcome to Temptation, IMHO the best romance novel ever written you need to rectify that immediately. Cruise wrote that. Obviously she rocks

Query Shark – critiquing query letters one savage bite at a time

Patrick Rothfuss – impressively bearded fantasy god who wrote The Name of the Wind

Whatever – It’s Scalzi’s world, we just live in it.

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