Fantasy shopping

Look, you all know I’m about experiences rather than things right. But sometimes a girl just needs to indulges her materialistic side. I had the day from hell at work yesterday which made me realise joyously that in less that 14 1/2 working days this will be somebody else’s problem. Have I mentioned I’m leaving my job?
To calm down I spent a good three hours fantasy shopping on the internet.
I desperately need some new clothes. At my new job they don’t yet know that I have three items of appropriate work-wear and one top that has a hole in the armpit. They aren’t yet familiar with my what-a-mess approach to styling my hair (30 styles in 3o days being the very rare exception).
But taking this job has meant taking a substantial paycut so I’m saving my money for essential boring things like food.
Fantasy shopping helps quell the urge to spend all my money. I don’t have to worry about how things fit or my non-existent budget. Although it turns out even in my ‘fantasy’ world I am still a cheapskate. And I have a bit of a dress addiction (no need to co-ordinate perfect). Plus somebody *coughes* moi  has a birthday coming up. And just in case any family, friends or oil sheiks wanted to buy me a present here are some ideas.

Quirky/chic workwear

Quirky/chic workwear Some counsellors seem to channel Professor Trelawney: draping layers, hippy chic, and ‘interesting’ oversized necklaces. But I want to look more like Zooey Deschanel aka Jess on New Girl professional yet still quirky and chic.
(Clockwise from the top)
These turquoise  T Bar Lattice Sandals pick up colours from the dress without being too matchy matchy, look comfortable and most importantly are very reasonable at £10 from Matalan.
I’ve never been a pastels girl. But I am so in love with this gorgeous pastel Printed Butterfly tea dress, I wish I could eat it up. It’s £16 from Peacocks.
I love the colour and the delicate cutwork on this gorgeous Cutwork Pretty Satchel which is £35 from Accessorize
I’m a counsellor I need a statement necklace. It’s the law. I’m digging this Versailles inspired  Alexandra Pastel Ribbon Embellished necklace which is £8 from Boohoo.

In the garden

In the garden fashion
When it comes to my clothes I need pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the context.
I love this Kiera Rose print maxi dress because with the right cardigan it would work for the office and I could also rock it at the weekend at a fantasy garden party too. It’s £20 from Boohoo.
In my fantasy garden party nothing would be worse than a wet bum. I love this Floral Print Rug £20 from M & S
I’d wash my face with this Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser
This Demeter Wet Garden Cologne from $20 smells of petrichor ,the earth after it rains.
These Lucia Colour Block shoes are fab and in the sale too. They’re £20 from Accessorize

Festival weekending

Festival weekending Let’s be honest. If it’s the weekend mama’s wearing her eating pants aka sweatpants aka pajamas. If I brush my hair then that’s dressing up at the weekend. But in the fantasy world in which I have money and where I am impeccably dressed and styled at all times this is what I’d be wearing. I have a bladder the size of a hamsters thanks ovarian cyst so festivals are a no go.  I want to channel some boho festival style at the weekends. Think relaxed hair, sunkissed skin and flowing relaxed clothes minus the stench of portaloos.
(Clockwise from the top) I love this gorgeous vivid cobalt Helena Jersey maxi skirt it’s £15 from Boohoo.
Over the top I’d wear this tight Macey Wide Ridge white vest its £8 from Boohoo.
I’d sport tonnes of bangles and this amazing Primark Printed Fringe Kimono its £15 from Primani.

 By the pool

By the pool fashion collageThis summer, I’m going to the South of France for a friends destination wedding. I can’t wait to lounge by the pool channelling Liz Taylor circa 1970. I’m thinking kaftans, trash fiction and bitchy bon mots.
(Clockwise from the top) I’d make the pool to bar transition in this vivid yellow tie-die bobble kaftan  available from Matalan for £12.
I love this pin-up girl swimming costume from Resort 50’s playsuit available for £25.
I’d cover up my hangover and judgey eyes with these cat’s eye sunglasses £3.49
And I’d throw my suntan cream and well-thumbed copy of Valley of the Dolls in this pun-tastic Beach please bag available for £4.00 from H&M. I love a good pun.

Destination wedding

Destination wedding For the ceremony I want to be channelling Lauren Bacall. A cool, glamorous goddess gliding serenely across the grass with my lacquered hair and flashing red nails.
(Clockwise from the top.)  I’d rock this emerald green Cath Maxi dress £119 from Monsoon. It is so far out of my budget but this fantasy and I love the retro feel and the colour of this stunning dress.
To avoid it looking like a costume I’d go modern with the accessorises with these gold Jess Hoop earrings £3 from Boohoo.
I’d wear these comfortable-looking gold Jarviss woven sandals £14 from Dune. Frack heels if I want to dance the night away I need to be rocking flats.
My lovely friend Alice introduced me to this shop and I want to buy all the things. But I especially love this Book Club Clutch Bag “Beyond The Garden of Eden”. Ok yes it is £35 but it’s a book bag. A bag that looks like a book, people! And it’s big enough to slip my kindle into, just in case I get bored at the wedding. Kidding. Not really…
I’d tie the outfit together with this Sacha Snake choker necklace £8 from Boohoo.
Ah fantasy shopping is so much fun. Let me know in the comments what material goods you are coveting? Want me to fantasy shop for you? Give me a theme and some do’s and don’ts and off I’ll go

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