Summer to-do list

This weekend, I sat with HWSNBN watching the sun set on the longest day. It feels like summer has barely begun but soon enough it will be autumn. And unless I remind myself to get outside and enjoy myself I’ll spend all summer inside working. Besides it’s been far too long since I’ve written a list post.
This summer I will mostly be:
1. Go swimming outdoors once a week until September
Considering my lifelong commitment to disavowing aerobic activities in favour of lying on the sofa reading books; it’s a wonder I love swimming as much as I do. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t feel like exercise to me but flying through the water. And there is nothing better than swimming outdoors and feeling the wind making wavelets in the water and the sun kissing your skin. Between now and September I’m going to swim outdoors at least once at week. Pinkie swear.
2. Perfect a summer cocktail
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
It’s fair to say I’m not a ‘mixologist’. All of the alcoholic drinks I make taste like petrol, true fact. Our friends have given up asking me to make them drinks and instead head straight for HWSNBN. But this year I’ve decided I’m going overcome my considerable handicaps (lack of alcohol palette, and impatience to get a blotto as quickly as possible) to perfect a summer cocktail. Now shall it be Dragoons Punch or a Blueberry and Lavender Vodka Spritzer?
BTW Dragoons Punch is my new drag queen name.
3. Go to a drive in movie
86b709b83e2ff073d6fbbeb19647daa8 (1)
JAWS on the big screen! I’ll be Danny to HSWNBN’s Sandy.
4. Build a sandcastle
My granddad was brilliant at building sandcastles. Elaborate palaces with long sweeping staircases that I still sometimes dream of. Damn Brighton’s pebbly beaches for the lack of sandcastle opportunities. I may have to make a day trip along the coast to West Wittering to tick of this item.
5. Explore a maize maze
And try not to imagine I’m being stalked by a serial killer…
6. Go stargazing 
One of my favourite memories of last year was lying with a group of friends on Devil’s Dyke watching the Perseids. They shots across the sky leaving trails in their wake. I don’t have a truck *sadface* but I do have blankets. Stars, I will be gazing at you soon.
7. Pick your own
I love ‘Pick your own’ places. There’s something so fun about wandering round a giant field picking stuff you would never normally ate. Five variety of plums? Why not? Last time I ate too many strawberries and had to lie down.
8. Crazy golf
Even though last time I played crazy golf five years old were lapping me I still love it and the holiday by the sea vibe it evokes.
9. Camping 
Ah camping. I’ve written before of my reluctant camper status. I’m chooser to ignore the lack of indoor toilets and instead focus on communing with the great outdoors, toasting marshmallows on the fire and getting wankered with friends. In which I will try and fail to convince them to make this tent city. How awesome is this?
10. Water ballon fight
You bring the pistols, I’ll bring the balloons. You in?
What are you up to this summer, internet friends?


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