Spring has sprung

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After a long, wet and windy winter, spring has finally sprung and it’s glorious. Happy spring equinox! There’s something about feeling the sunshine on your skin, on seeing the bright yellow yolks of the daffodils, on the impossible blue of the sky that makes me feel alive.
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Today I walked around campus soaking in the beauty of everything budding, flowering and unfurling. Being outside and connecting to the seasons is Prozac for my soul. I’m really excited because my dad and I are getting an allotment. Yes, I’m embracing my incipient decrepitude by wearing mumus, getting into gardening, and listening to Radio 4.
It’s been a really good month so far. Little over a week ago we landed after going on the holiday of a lifetime to Japan and Australia.
Yes, it spanned continents but sadly not decades (niche Veronica Mars references, FTW!).  We trawled Tokyo, watched some very lovely people get hitched, saw Duffy at Disneyland, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, trekked in rainforest, and went on a road trip with our lovely friends down the Great Ocean Road. Even writing about this is giving me pinpricks of joy all over again.
My personal highlight was spending lots of time with my best friend and love of my life HWSNBN. Nine years ago, we travelled around Australia and it was even more magical almost a decade on.
I’ve started to feel better. It’s no secret that I’ve been finding things tough. But there was something about changing my environment that’s helped me open eyes about some situations I’ve been feeling stuck about and see some solutions I’ve been missing.
Like Persephone I had to spend some time in the darkness before emerging into the light.  I know it will all be OK, even if it takes a while. I will be OK. And that’s worth celebrating.


  1. Dad
    March 20, 2014 / 7:11 pm

    Rowgi go go for it spring is here

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