Day 28 of 30 styles in 30 days: Victory Rolls

How are you doing?
It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m running late. And I have no time whatsoever to master one of the biggest hair style challenges in my arsenal. Eeek!
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
Victory Rolls. It truly is retro week
If this hair had a personality it would be…
download (1)
Snogging a sailor on armistice day.
What do I need?
Pins, lots and lots of hairpins

  1. Section off hair
  2. Wet ends of the would be victory roll
  3. Take a strand and roll into a long thin tube until you reach the root
  4. Pin at one end
  5. And the other
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. Spray with hair spray

How long did it take?
An hour. I am not fucking kidding you
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
NO. I really couldn’t. My hair tubes/victory rolls kept unravelling. I couldn’t pin them without letting go of the hair and the end result made me look… Well see for yourself
Evidence please…
I am less vintage vixen then a bear wearing lipstick. Yep this look is when you want to look like you have two hair ears on top of your head
Photo on 31-12-2013 at 17.23
Photo on 31-12-2013 at 17.23 #3
HWSNBN’s verdict:
‘Why is there so much swearing?’
Why are you doing this again? 

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