Day 22 of 30 styles in 30 days: Christmas hair

How are you doing?
It’s Christmas Other Me and I am safe and warm. What more could a girl ask for?
A kitteh!
Well, cat’s don’t grow on trees…
I beg to differ
cats_xmasparty_thanksgiving 071
Well played, Other Me. Well played
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
Yeah, about that…
I was intending to try hair chalks today. But instead of the rainbow tresses I envisaged, I looked like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something about Mary.
So new plan, do Christmas hair using household items.
If this hair had a personality it would be…
Me completely lacking inspiration and flailing wildly for a theme.
What do I need?
Random crap you find lying around your inlaws house.

  1. Scour house for random crap
  2. Place on head
  3. Take photo repeat.

How long did it take?
15 minutes.
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
Oh so easy and such a copout.
Show us the finished product?
Right, audience participation. Do you prefer:
Dunce hair – shiny
Berry fascinator – fruity
Drunk* Cracker Hat hair. (* I actually wasn’t drinking in this picture but boy do I look squiffy) – lush
Medieval ribbon hair – ye oldey
Zany light hair – cray-cray
How I normally look on Christmas day. Dead rough –ewh no
HWSNBN’s verdict:
‘Darling what are you doing with those lights?’ *Sound of the lights crashing to the floor* ‘Too late.’
Why are you doing this again? 
Because I wish more than anything that Lianne was here. But as that isn’t within my powers I am channelling that energy into this:

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