Day 19 of 30 styles in 30 days: three bun up do

Picnik collage4
How are you feeling?
Ashamed dear readers. Because yesterday I forgot to include a cat gif in my post! I might even have to hand back my cat fan page 🙁 I’m wearing a virtual cone of shame right now, you guys!
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
What’s better than one bun? Three buns! It’s scientifically proven.
Do you know what scientifically proven means?
I can scientifically prove I don’t. OWNED!
If this hairstyle had a personality it would be…
A b
What do I need?
Bobby pins
How to

  1. Divide hair into three low ponytails
  2. Plait each ponytail. Or you can twist if you prefer. But I like how the plaits look
  3. Tie with hairbands
  4. Twist the plait up and pin into three buns at the nape of your neck

How long did it take?
Ten minutes
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
So simple even I managed it 🙂
Show us the finished product?
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
I think it looks pretty cute apart from the really irritating bit of hair I didn’t tuck away. Grr.
HWSNBN’s verdict:
‘Gorgeous.’ Result!
Remind the nice ladies and gentleman at home why you are doing this again? 
In eleven days, bestie Ros and myself will be shorning our locks for charity. You can donate here.

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