Day 14 of 30 styles in 30 days: side fringe

How are you feeling?
Bleurgh, still grotty. So this post is going to be short and sweet.

If germs were strawberries this is how I'd feel about them
If germs were strawberries this is how I’d feel about them
Ah, poor you!
Don’t you mean poor us Other me?
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
Side fringe with wavy hair
If this hairstyle had a personality it would be…
Cute? I don’t know. Pass? All my brain cells have been destroyed with this throat infection. I got confused at Come Dine with Me earlier and had to take a nap!
What do I need?
Bobby pin. (Yep, just the one.)
How to

  1. When hair is slightly damp separate into sections
  2. Twist each section and secure with hairbands
  3. Leave for a couple of hours to dry
  4. Loosen
  5. Brush hair over into a deep side parting
  6. Secure a fake side fringe with a bobby pin. (If you’re feeling adventurous and want it to look like the picture backcomb under the fringe to get height. It was too much for me to try)

How long did it take?
Not long minute to pin my fringe, a couples of hours to let my hair dry in the twists.
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
Dudes, I pinned my fringe. Easy peasy 🙂 If I can do this when my brain is fried with a throat infection, anybody can.
Show us the finished product?
Wanna see random pics of my bathroom? Here you go:
PicMonkey Collage
If I look this gross after my shower you do not want to know how ugh I looked before it.
Sorry guys today is a bit of phoned in hair tutorial. But I vowed to do 30 styles in 30 days, I didn’t say anything about them being good ones 🙂
HWSNBN’s verdict:
HWSNBN is still away. He bestows infectious kisses and then leaves, boo!
Remind the nice ladies and gentleman at home why you are doing this again? 
Ugh so tired. Here have a link
Hope to be better tomorrow. This is Row over and out.

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