Day 10 of 30 styles in 30 days: angry dinosaur hair

How are you feeling?
Good, thanks Other Me. I slept a lot. And even better I thought this hairstyle would be ridiculously difficult and actually it was very easy. Maybe I am finally getting skillz of the hair variety. Or I lucked into this hairstyle.
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
Angry dinosaur hair. Oh the internet may call it the pompadour but you and I know it as angry dinosaur hair.
If this hair had a personality it would be…
Dinosaur crests used for communication
Mermaids? Bettie Page? Angry dinosaurs? Aren’t you just doing hairstyles based on your favourite things?
Yep, expect hairstyles emanating Cher, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Haribo’s Tangfastics very very soon.
What do I need?
Bobby pins
A sponge if you want a extra big bump

  1. Section off your fringe
  2. Brush forward
  3. Backcomb like crazy
  4. Smooth hair back to create the bump. If you want you can use a sponge, hair rat,*shudders* or small child to create more height
  5. Pin back bump
  6. Then swipe back hair on the left and right side of the hair and pin.

How long did it take?
10 minutes.
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
Full disclosure: I have tried this hairstyle before. But the bumps I tried were mini in comparison to the mega bump I created this time. Those four hours of videos on how to backcomb really paid off!
Warning be careful my dinosaur bump was so big that I actually found it difficult to drive. Oh well, if I had died in a fiery inferno it would be how I want to go. Emulating the dinosaurs of old.
Show us the finished product?
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
I was trying to do a dinosaur face and look fierce. Do you think it worked?
HWSNBN’s verdict:
‘I like it, you look cute.’
No HWSNBN, I look angry. Stay on message!
Why are you doing this again? 
To be like a dinosaur (and to raise money for charity)
So, tell me in the comments if you could look like any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you choose and why?
And don’t all say raptors ‘cos they look fierce 🙂

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