Day 7 of 30 styles in 30 days: fishtail plait

How are you feeling?
One week down, three to go! And the doubts are creeping in. Can there possibly be enough hairstyles that fall into the narrow ven diagram of hairstyles that a) this hair doofus can do and b) write amusingly about? Because I think 25 posts about ponytails might be a little dull. But I’ve launched this project and goddamit am I keeping going.
Here have a fish-related cat gif.
What hair style are you failing at trying today?
Fishtail plait. Very different from mermaid hair although, who knew there were so many sea themed hairstyles
If this hair had a personality it would be…
Bridesmaid or bride at a hipster wedding. My lovely friend Sam introduced me to this hairstyle and I loves her but she is blatantly a secretly hipster.
What do I need?
This is minimalist accessorising at it’s best.

  1. Decide where you want the plait to be, at the side or at the back. If you’re a beginner I recommend doing a side plait so you can see what you are doing.
  2. Divide the hair in two (yes two!)
  3. Take a small strand of hair from the outside of the left section and pull tightly into the right section
  4. Repeat on the other side plaiting.
  5. Plait some more
  6. Tie with hair tie
  7. You can leave it tight plaited or if you want more of a boho look tug gently on the plait to boof it up (is that the technical term? Anyway what the lady is doing in the top photo)

How long did it take?
15 minutes if you include me doing and redoing the plait three times because it wasn’t tight enough at the top.
How easy it? Could Rowan do it?
Very easy. Key tips take a small as strand as possible to braid. Pull as hard as you can when plaiting you can then loosen later.
Show us the finished product?
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
It’s official I have the weirdest facial expressions in the word. Apologies for the weird webcam extreme close up. I know it looks like this blog had descended into porno territory but you couldn’t see the fishtail plait unless I got close. Uncomfortably close.
HWSNBN’s verdict:
‘Cute. When are you going to stop asking me about your hair?’ 23 days time HSWNBN.
Why are you doing this again? 
To stop being such a hair doofus and in the process raise some moolah:
What fish themed hairstyle should I try next?

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