Launching 30 days, 30 styles

Ros and I are cutting off our hair on the 4th of January to raise money for the Phyllis Tuckwell and honour our dearly missed best friend Lianne Munaf. You can donate to our just giving page here:
Lianne died in August 2012 after a long battle with brain tumours. When somebody like Lianne dies, somebody who despite a naughty streak the size of the Pacific was one of the nicest souls you could meet it can often feel like the world has become a dark place. Instead we’re choosing to mark Lianne’s birthday by channelling our grief and raising money for charity by cutting our hair.
Two year ago Ros ran a marathon to raise money for the hospice. One year ago, Rowan and our other friend Debs jumped out a plane in Lianne’s memory to raise money for the hospice. This year Ros and Rowan are cutting off their hair. Next year, who knows?
Lianne always had beautiful hair: long, straight and as dark as midnight.
And she wasn’t adverse to doing ridiculous things to her hair in the name of charity, like dying it for red nose day 🙂
When she started chemotherapy her hair began to fall out it clumps. Rather than wait, she gathered her closest friends round and we cut it off. I remember biting back the tears as her hair fell on the kitchen floor. It wasn’t the worst indignity cancer inflicted, but losing her hair was not easy. Lianne received a real hair wig which she wore with pride but many people aren’t as lucky.
So in a month we’ll be cutting our hair in the hope of raising some money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice who supported Lianne and her mum throughout Lianne’s illness and as she neared the end of her life. Fancy donating? You can do so at our just giving page
To raise awareness, amuse and hopefully convince you to donate I (Row) will be holding a blogathon of: 30 days, 30 hair styles before I have the big chop. I’ve had long hair for years and it’s safe to say I’m follically challenged. I know four hairstyles: the ponytail, the dinosaur bump, plait, and the do nothing to my hair and hope for the best. But for the next month I will blog everyday about my experiences trying out different hairstyles and hopefully turn from a hair novice into a hair goddess! Or more likely fail miserably but my crappy hair skills will ensure you feel very sorry for me and donate some money. Every one’s a winner!
As well as raising money for the Tuckwell, we will donate our luscious locks (Ros’s are luscious, mine are a bit straggly) to the Princess Trust which provides wigs for childhood cancer sufferers.
Please give whatever you can afford to help support the hospice and in memory of Lianne. Shameless plug alert: here’s our just giving page again
Yours in eternal gratitude,
Row and Ros

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