DIY: how to make a stained glass candle holder

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This is my best friend Ros.
She likes glitter and rainbows, and Rainbow Brite. Ros is camper than a bag of spanners and I love her dearly.
As we’re both broke we’ve started a twice-yearly tradition of crafting each other presents. It started when I collected together a jar full of baby advice for her baby shower. Then she gave me a memory jar full of things she had collected from my wedding. It was my turn.
The issues I often have with browsing Pinterest in search of inspiration is all of the DIY posts always require something expensive and obscure I never actually have. Which negates the whole point of crafting as it’s meant to be a) cheap and b) efficient, using up something you already have. It was a dull and grey January and all I had was an overdraft and a handful of rainbow coloured Quality Street wrappers too beautiful to throw away. Finally my gluttony pays off! I decided to combine rainbows and glitter (Ros’ favourite things) and make a stained glass candle holder.
How to make a stained glass candle holder
What you need:
Quality Street wrappers
A jam jar (I love Bonne Mamon ones)
Glitter glue
A candle
What to do
1. Flatten the Quality Street wrappers. Don’t worry if they are a bit wrinkled, it adds to the faux glass effect.
2. Cut the wrappers into four strips by cutting them in half and then in half again
3. Get the glitter glue and depending on the effect you are after either draw a line down the inside of the jar or spread the glitter glue evenly across the glass.
4. Choose a strip of wrapper and stick it to the glass.
5. Keep doing this until the jar is covered evenly.
6. Wait for the glue to dry
7. Add a candle (glueing it in place if the bottom of the jar is curved). And voila, you’re very own stained glass candle holder.
You may end with hands like you’ve been giving Edward Cullen a wank but frankly them’s the crafting breaks. Look at me Ma, I can be a crafting blogger!
Other things I have made this month, for my other bestie Debs include:
Salt caramels (that tasted more like salty tablet but was very yummy)
Ribena vodka (add sugar and blackcurrants to vodka. Let it stew for as long as possible. Swig.)
Comic book D (well, I say I made… but really I sat there with the bits until HWSNBN took over.)
Another five things ticked off my Make 100 lovely things on my life list.

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  1. February 18, 2013 / 4:57 pm

    My Deadpool D was one of my favourite ever presents! And the salted caramel tabludge was just awesome too! Top marks xx

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