Connect with my body


My second New Year’s resolution is all about my body. It seems odd to have one resolution focused on loving yourself just as you are and another focused on changing parts of you that you don’t like. But for me, this isn’t about change, hating parts of myself or losing weight (although that would be lovely), its about reconnecting with my body. It’s about being mindful. And mostly it’s about being healthy.


Project Move Your Arse

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with my body. I ignore when I am in pain. I am very clumsy and uncoordinated like a real life Bella Swann. Worse of all I have high standards and I’m very impatient. I like doing things I am good at. Exercise is not one of those. So for this resolution I need to accept that doing an imperfect dog face down is better than doing nothing at all.

A couple of years ago I really successfully incorporated exercise into my life. Ever since I got together with HWSNBN I started eating more, exercising less and I piled on the weight. Gradually months would slip, in which I did no exercise. But in 2010 something changed, I heard about something called the Biggest Loser. Watching the show was inspirational and I realised there wasn’t an easy fix to getting healthy. I bought Jillian Michael’s DVDs. If you haven’t watched them, you should she is scarily amazing.


(OK, OK I’ll keep doing jumping jacks). At first I could barely get through the 20 minute work out. But it  was a surprise how quickly I improved. And within a week I started seeing results as my endurance increased. I lost over two stone and I felt so much better.

Then I had to have an operation. A couple of months later I injured my knee and had to undergo months of physio. Earlier this year I got mortoms neuroma and I could not do anything. I couldn’t drive, I could barely walk. I put the weight back on. But worse was how I felt sedentary, missing the endorphin rush of exercise. My foot is still sore but it’s Catch 22 it hurts if I do nothing and it hurts if I exercise it. So I’m committing to Project Move your Arse. I know what I have to do but it’s just making in happen. In the past I set high goals, fail to achieve them and then get disappointed and give up. Furthermore I’m in the final stretch of University and what with placements and study at the moment I have on free evening per week. I’ve never been more time limited. So I’m keeping my goals low but hopefully achievable.


Walk outside for ten minutes everyday – this has dual benefit of moving my arse (yes) and getting some light over the winter months.

Take screen breaks every hour – I’ve set an automatic reminder so I get up and move around.

Do 25 minutes of exercise once per week – 25 minutes is such a tiny amount but it’s much better than nothing. Doing a little frequently is better than doing nothing at all. Once I’ve done this for four weeks in a row I’m going to add in an extra session. But for now I’m keeping my goals low and achievable. To get myself exercising, I trick myself. I tell myself I must do ten minutes, then I can stop. I layout my workout gear the night before. Just get to the matt I tell myself, then whatever happens after that is a bonus.


Exercise with friends – in the past the fittest I’ve been is when I’ve worked out with friends like a chubby leech. Sadly my main exercise buddy has moved to deepest darkest Worthing. Come May I’m looking for an exercise buddy. Anybody Brighton peeps want to be my exercise buddy (hur hur hur). I promise not to perspire on you and with my crappy moves make you look good?


Confessions of a sugar fiend

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. Which is great when it comes to things like retraining to be a counsellor or planning a wedding to the love of your life. But less so when it comes to cupcakes. I’ve always known I have a sweet tooth. But my lowest point came when I was suffering from multiple kidney infections. Advice said to keep the infection at bay I needed to cut out on sugar. But exhausted and in pain I just couldn’t do it. I needed that cake more than I needed to be pain free. A week later, I decided I wasn’t go to be anything’s bitch. So I cut out sugar completely. I’m not going to lie, it was hell. But sheer bloodymindness steered me through. And I felt so much better. In control of myself and my body without the afternoon sugar crash. Even when I did indulge on rare occassions like my birthday still felt better. I do it periodically and really giving up sugar is a lot easier than giving up gluten all I have to do was forgo puddings and soft drinks. The RDA of sugar=0 the amount I actually ate= a lot. Research suggests sugar is pretty horrible for us. The way I see it is even if you have a big appetite, like me, we have a maximum number of calories we can eat per day. I’m just trying to prioritise high vitamin unprocessed food over Oreos.

But then I lapsed, and lapsed and lapsed. Some people can just eat one square of dark chocolate, one bite of cake, or have a sweet or two. But for me it’s a slippery slope and I can never eat just one. For me abstinence is much easier than moderation. So I’m eating no sugar. No exceptions. No weekends off. No sugar. Ever. But if I lapse no drama, I’ll just stop eating the next day. So far a week in and I’m feeling fantastic. We’ll see…


Treat myself but not with food – every week I remain sugar free I get to do something lovely for myself whether it’s a long bath, reading a trashy romance novel or buying a new item of clothing (well charity shop clothing).

Record everything you eat – beyond sugar I’m not really restricting myself food wise. I’m just trying to eat healthy more vegetables, more fruit and recording everything I eat. I lost half a stone just doing this even with eating cake last year. I’m on my fitnesspal, friend me if you want to.

Be prepared – if I get HANGRY I will smash down the world hulk style in the search for a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. This means eating regularly, carrying healthy snacks (almonds and apricots it is) and avoiding the danger zones. Petrol stations, you calorific temptress you.


Meditate once a week – I want to be more mindful, because I am so caught up in my own thoughts, emotions and stories I barely notice the world around me. So meditations downloaded, meditation space created I’ll be meditating once a week. Building up eventually to meditating every day so I can finally tick that pesky item off my life list.

How about you my lovelies? On a new years healthkick too, commisserate with me/ tell me what a wimp I am in the comments

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