The one in which I hurl myself from a plane for charity

Lianne and I
So… we interrupt our normal schedule of fluffy wedding recaps (coming soon, I promise) for a more serious post.
I haven’t talked about this in detail on the blog because it really isn’t my story to tell. But, as some of you may know, one of my best friend’s Lianne has been battling not one but two brain tumours. Since her diagnosis in 2007, she has been receiving fantastic respite care from the Phyllis Tuckwell charity hospice as well help and support for not only her but her mum who is her carer.  Despite her illness Lianne has done a lot to raise money for the Tuckwell, including appearing on their recent adverts and in magazine articles.
Unfortunately Lianne’s is unable to continue campaigning for them. So my friend Debs and I have decided to take the baton, and continue the fund raising for this fantastic hospice who help not only Lianne, but thousands of other people in Surrey and Hampshire providing comfort and care in the final stages of their lives. You can find out more about Phyllis Tuckwell, and see Lianne’s picture here That’s her and her mum in the banner.
Here goes, we are doing a sky dive to raise money for Phyllis Tuckwell at the end of August. Eeek! A sky dive might not seem the most unusual fund raising event, however Debs is pants-fillingly frightened of heights, and I have horrific motion sickness. I puke in cars, tuk tuks, planes and boats. There is a high chance Debs and I will either faint or puke on the way down. But we figure if Lianne, and all the patients at Phyllis Tuckwell, can go through what they are going through, then we can suck it up and fling ourselves out of a plane.
And this is where you dearest reader come in. If I’ve ever made you laugh or distracted you from a crappy work day on this blog, I’d really appreciate if you could donate whatever you can afford to help support this fantastic charity. In return I guarantee terrified photos of ourselves flinging ourselves out a plane, possibly covered in vomit! (Sorry Debs.) You can donate online here via our just giving site skydive for Lianne. Or I’ve also got sponsorship forms if you’d prefer to sponsor me in person. Thanks so much for reading and please help scare the bejesus out of us for a good cause.

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