I'm getting married in the morning

So I might have mentioned this a couple of times before but I’m marrying HWSNBN tomorrow.
I felt OK earlier this week, while I had stuff to distract me: place cards, favours and jewellery, the list seemed endless. I still worried, of course but it was background noise drowned out by my preoccupation that I might Dawson cry/not cry at all. I wasn’t quite sure what would be worse.
Definitely crying. Dammit!
Then life bitch-slapped me with some much needed perspective. And I got over it.
Today my stomach with churning with nerves and for the last couple of days I’ve woken early unable to sleep. I’ve really enjoyed planning this wedding with HSWNBN, but I want to be married now. In a hour or two I’ll say goodbye to my boyfriend for the last time. I’ll spend the afternoon with my family. In the evening I’ll watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves or Pride and Prejudice (depending on how long I have) and hydrate in preparation for Cryfest 2012. And in the morning I’ll get married. {Insert freak out here.}
I’ll see you on the other side.

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