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Apologies for the radio silence. But this month I’ve mostly been working, reading, sleeping, working, reading, sleeping and working, writing essay and sleeping. Yep, my life is the epitome of glamour. Luckily the end is in sight as I only have to be chained to my desk for one more month til hand-in day. And then I can live again. Bliss.
Because of my limited brain power in my free time I’ve been watching a lot of TV and movies. Some I rate, some I hate. So here’s what I’ve mostly been watching this month:

What I thought this would be: in the run-up to a wedding a asterioid is spotted but everybody is more concerned with petty family drama then their impending doom.
What this actually is: a total snorefest. Hours of screentime are devoted to the wedding full of characters we never see again and then an asteroid arrives and everybody dies. We had so many questions. Why devote so much time to the wedding when its all about the asteroid? Why is every character so unrealistic and unlikeable? Why make Kristen Dunst strip but not the god that is Alex Skargaard? Unfair, much. Yes, it’s beautifully shot and well acted but the script and the slow ass editing meant this dragged for me. AVOID.
Yes, I’m unashamedly low brow but this looks much more interesting.
Mad Men
Don Draper’s back and he’s happy? And we’re finally getting into the swinging sixties and the civil unrest? And the clothes I am so there. The only sour note for is how Betty Draper is being written without any nuances to her character. What did January Jones do to the writers? Although I had a brief flirtation with Megan after a seminal (hur, hur, hur) performance of Zou Bisou Biso, girl is hawt, see:

Joan will always be my homegirl. Especially after she finally throws out her rapey husband.Team Joan 4eva. Especially if she might lend me her wardrobe…
Eat, Pray, Love
I’d listened to the audio book before I watched the movie, which probably didn’t help because the movie ripped out Gilbert’s voice and her insights into the cultures and countries she visits and left all the first world problems and Julia Roberts doing her best smug/sad face. Even Richard Jenkins selling the hell of out of the ashram confession scene and a very late showing from hot, rumpled Javier Bardem couldn’t save this movie for me. Read the book instead if only to mock the pretentiousness with friends.

Better Off Ted
I’m a massive Arrested Development fan and I’m so excited that they’re filming a TV show and a movie. I can’t wait for the return of the nevernude, the Frozen Banana Stand, Steve Holt, Ayun Yung, Loretta 2, ‘I’ve made a huge mistake’ and Motherboy. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch now!) Until it returns I’ll be watching Better Off Ted an amusing sitcom about an evil research and development corporation and the group of misfits that work for it, including my . My favourite episode so far, when the new high tech door sensors fail to recognise black employees the company hires white employees to follow them around. Ridiculously funny.

The Voice
I blame my best friend Debs for hooking me on this show. I am a sucker for reality tv so I try and avoid altogether because once I start watching I can’t stop (see: Cheaters, damn you Really!). But the Voice is the antidote to the Circus of Freaks on other talent shows by only featuring a) people who can actually sing and b) with a central conceit of blind auditions putting the voice at the centre  c) the fake look of delight as the judges turn and are satisfied and disappointed because they choose poorly. At end of this weeks show the hair on my arms stood up as Jaz Ellington sang and looked like the cat that had got the cream. What a name, what a voice.
Game of Thrones
Second series of this fantasy show + adapted from an amazing series of books + by HBO + plus dragons = eeeeeeeeeeee!  The first series exceeded my expectations summarising mutiple complicated storylines. And the acting is impeccable Peter Dinklage as Tyrion steals ever scene he’s in and Sean Bean perfectly portrayed the noble stupidity of Ned Stark. Even unsympathic characters (Cersei, I’m looking at you) were painted in shades of grey. Although I will always hate Joffrey with the passion on a dying sun, grr.

Aah that’s better an endless gif of Joffrey being slapped.
I haven’t been this excited about a show in well, ever. Especially as I know what’s coming. Poor Tyrion! Three words: Battle of Blackwater. Oh yes, this is going to be freakin awesome.

Via Hipster Game of Thrones also check out Arrested Westeros I am a little in love with Tumblr can you tell?
Right so there’s the tv shows and movies I rate/hate, get the comments and tell me what else I should be watching and why?


  1. Alice
    April 19, 2012 / 1:47 pm

    I went to see Melacholia at the Duke of Yorks and really liked it at the time, but during the course of the rest of the day and the next I began to dislike it. Wouldn’t watch it again!

    • April 20, 2012 / 2:51 pm

      Agree, I love the way he sets and lights shots but the story. Ay, not good. It didn’t help that the first time I saw it I was the only sober person having to explain the plot to two drunk and stoned people. Heh, that was more amusing than the film itself 🙂

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