Kissing you

Dear He Who Shall Not Be Named (HWSNBN),

I’ve had many kisses. Surprise kisses after spinning a bottle and kisses I’d been waiting for. Kisses in dingy clubs and on park benches. Butterfly kisses and kisses so brutal they drew blood. On rare occasions these kisses were passable, but mostly these kisses were bad, oh I’ve had so many bad kisses.

I’d never really seen the point of kissing until I met you, HWSNBN. But after kissing you I wanted to track down the people I kissed before and reassure them. ‘We just didn’t match in the kissing department. But one day, you random guy who kisses like a washing machine are going to find your kissing partner. She’s out there. And you slug kisser you will find the other piece of your freaky kissing puzzle. And she will blow your mind.’

I’ll never forget the first time you kissed me, HWSNBN. I’d been longing for you to kiss me for months. But I was older and jaded now and I knew better than to expect anything special. Romance novels lied with their descriptions of kisses inducing fireworks. Besides the setting was hardly romantic: a rammed and noisy club, full of jostling strangers. Then you lent down, kissed me and the world went away. It shrank until it was just the two of us. A bomb could have gone off and I wouldn’t have noticed I was so dazed. And then, all too soon, it was over. Everything looked sharper as if I was seeing clearly for the first time. I had to kiss you again to see if it still worked. And then again… and again.

Eight years later and I know I’m not always easy to be with. My darker negative side wonders why you put up with me but I’m learning to beat her into submission 🙂 There have been great times and not so great times, however eight years on your kisses still make the world go away for me. I have no doubts that you were made just for me. So thank you for eights years of wonderful kisses. And as we embark on a new journey all I can wish for in this large and scary world is to spend the rest of my life kissing you,

Happy anniversary,

love, Rowan xxx

3 thoughts on “Kissing you

  1. dear Row, just to be an art history nerd on the subject of Rodin’s Kiss;
    subject is from Dante’s Inferno and is the first embrace of the adulterous couple Paolo and Francesco, it is quite an unconventional pose as Francesca seems to be making the first move!

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