Autumn, love it, loathe it: it's (finally) here

The change from summer to autumn is normally my favourite time of year. There’s something about the crispness of the air, and the softness of the light that feels almost magical to me. But this year, despite the unexpected Indian summer (sea swimming? In October? Thank you weather gods!) I am not enjoying the beginning of autumn. It doesn’t help that this past week has been hellishly awful. But I feel like I need more light than this miserable excuse for a summer has given us. One day when HWSNBN and I have money, we can migrate to the south hemisphere for our winter, their summer, flitting from Australia to Tahiti with a little stop over in New Zealand on route.

Hiking in Abel Tasman park with my favourite feeder 😉
But, as none of these things are going to happen soon ever I’m going to have to find a way to fall back in love with autumn again. So this year I’m all about counting my blessings autumn style:

The mellow warmth of the light

There’s something about the soft dappled quality of the light that is so unbearably beautiful

Long Sunday hikes over the Long Man

Only one problem, the blasted foot has metamorphosed into the damned hip. Meaning yet another trip to the doctor. Body, quit it.


I covet these panda mittens, via Accessorize. I could def rock these like a hurricane

Cups of hot cider

For medicinal purposes, of course.

Going out of my way to crunch frosty leaves

Sunbathing on crunchy leaves a fortnight ago created a fair bit of cognitive dissonance in my brain. Much better to stomp along pavements going out of my way to crunch particularly beautiful specimens under my foot. Mwhahaha die leaves, die.

Bonfire societies

The best bit about living in Sussex in the autumn is the pagan annual bonfire societies. Insider tip forget Lewes (too crowded especially at weekends) and check out Fletching and Newick, my personal favourite.

Burning crosses at Lewes


The colour, the shininess, the texture. And they keep the spiders away. Fact

Getting some use out of my slanket


White night festival

I HATE it when the clocks go back. That first evening at work when darkness falls and you still have an hour or so of work left. HATE. For this as well as whole host of environment reasons I’m a big supporter of the 10:10 campaign. However if we must put the clocks back meaning we end each evening in darkness, grumble grumble, why not commiserate with a free festival of art, music and storytelling on the streets of Brighton? I think I will.

Sloe gin making

Is is wrong that so many of my favourite things are alcohol based? I like Nigel Slaters sloe gin recipe.


Dressing up. The veil between the worlds lowering. Spooky goings on. My favourite holiday hands down.
So there you have it. My reasons to be grateful, autumn style. Any things you love about autumn I’ve missed, drop me a line in the comments.

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