Letters to my fiance

Dearest HWSNBN,
I am taking a break from my studies to say, I will adore you forever if you buy me these shoes:

Marvel at the shiny
Yes, I have more shoes than you deem necessary (six, two identical pairs of trainer, two pairs of smart shoes in brown and black and sandals ugh). But not only are these shoes pretty, oh so pretty! But they smell of bubblegum!!! So my feet will smell of bubblegum. (This has suddenly become essential, why do my others shoes not smell of anything more than leather. BORING.) See I am practical too.
If you do this you will become the.best.fiance.ever. Yes, I know you already are but it will be a fact. Poems will be wrote in your honor, cakes will be baked, the other fiances will bow their head to your magnificience.
So these shoes, on my sweats paws, asap. K? Thnx, bye!
Love, me!

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