I can haz shiny?

I woke up early this morning like a kid at Christmas because today we picked up my ring. It’s been just over six months in the making,  but my engagement ring… definitely worth the wait.

My engagement ring...
The story of how my ring came to be is a long, so be warned.
Before we were engaged, He-who-shall-not-be-named (HWSNBN) and I both agreed that we wanted to chose the ring together. If it was something that I was going to wear for the rest of my life, we wanted it to be something we both loved
He proposed with this placeholder ring, that he hid in the ruins overnight (apologies for the slightly blurry pic, I blame the ninjas).
Silver ring with a peridot stone
From the beginning, I knew I wanted something a bit different. I tried on a couple of solitaire rings, just be sure. They just looked odd on my freakishy small chubby hands. I do not have long elegant pianist hands, my hands look like baby starfish, elegant, non? And the rings in the high street were all ridiculously expensive for something you practically needed a looking glass to see 🙂
Originally to save money as HWSNBN grandmother was an antiques’ dealer my MIL-to-be kindly offered us the stones from the rings his grandmother hadn’t sold. My grandmother left me a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring, which is too wide across to wear as an engagement ring.
Diamond and sapphire ring I inherited from my grandma
We initially intended to combine the stones from both families to create an engagement ring. We took the rings to the jeweller who had reset HWSNBN sister’s engagement ring. He told us that the type of stones we had and the type of ring we wanted just weren’t going to match.
So what exactly were we after? Well, what I longed wanted was a version of a costume ring HWSNBN bought for me from Past Times. Except smaller and real, easy right?

Green glass ring from Past Times

We wanted a three stone emerald cut ring, with a coloured central stone. There was nothing like it on the high street, so we decided to have the ring custom-made route. I highly recommend it. It was so much fun taking bits from the rings we liked and combining them to creating an uber ring.  I also rather liked the idea that nobody else would have a ring quite like mine.
Instead of a diamond as the centre we really liked the idea of having a coloured stone. But it couldn’t be an emerald. Emeralds are like the Care Bears of the gem world. Ridiculously soft, they shatter if you look at them funny. Not a good idea in a ring you are meant to wear everyday. (And if you are so clumsy that the floor frequently rises up to meet you).
Instead we were on the hunt for a green sapphire (think He-Man, sapphires are well hard and only slightly softer than diamonds). We asked the jeweller in my home town to find us some green sapphires. But he couldn’t find any, so he suggested blue sapphires instead. He would make the ring for us and if we didn’t like it he would resell it in his shop. When we revisted to see the ring, it just wasn’t what we had asked for. He had set the ring in such a way that all the light was blocked out and the stones looked dull. All this at Surrey prices.

The shank with the sapphire and diamond balanced on top
But we did have another option, the aunt of a close friend of HWSNBN worked at a wholesale jewellers in Pevensey called E.W.B Goldsmiths. She was absolutely lovely. If you are looking to have any jewellery made or any repairs done, I highly recommend them. They are very friendly, skilled and even better as it’s wholesale the prices are very reasonable. The jewellery designer drew up a design that seemed perfect (and actually is pretty close to the final ring).
A drawing of the initial design of the ring
And she even managed to source a perfect green sapphire. However the smaller diamonds didn’t seem in proportion with the sapphire. We had a choice, stick with what we had or blow the budget by opting for bigger diamonds.
Green sapphire with two baguette diamonds
Working from the principal that you should spend money on the things you take home with you, we asked her to find larger diamonds. (Funded by contributions from the whole family to a boot sale. Our families = made of awesome). The diamonds when they arrived where so much better, balancing out the central stone.
With larger diamonds
Last week we tried on the skeleton, without any of the stones set.

And today, with a hefty envelope of money, (seriously it was like an episode of the wire, except set in Pevensey) we went to pick up the ring.
And ta da, here it is:
My engagement ring...
I’m surprised we made it home safely as I kept tilting my hand at the wheel of the car so the diamonds would cast rainbows. I’m like a magpie, I just can’t stop staring at the shininess on my finger. After six months wait, that shape of it on my finger feels odd. But we couldn’t be happier, I love it! The colour is like sea glass, eroded by the waves, lifted by the sharp clarity of the diamonds. I love the fact that the ring was something we created together, our baby crafted out of metal and stone. It’s unique, it’s beautiful, and one day I will hopefully be able to hand it down to my children. Also look, SHINY!

Sweetie wrappers are highly sought after in the cat world. I also love in the background his friend is wearing a cone of shame


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