365 days to go*

(*Well 366 days actually because next year is a leap year.)
But on this date next year, the Boy and I will be getting married. It felt a little unreal, until yesterday, as if this was all happening to another Rowan. A more together person who understand how grown-up things like how to balance a check book and had perfect manageable hair. Who would never lock herself out of the flat two New Years in a row and be rescued by HWSNBN. Or who would never eat an entire bag of Tangfastics all to herself and lapse into a sugar coma.
But yesterday it all became real when we attended a close friends wedding rehearsal. They’ve been together for a long time, even longer than me and HWSNBN, a constant¬† in our lives. Her family had flown a long distance attend, her little niece and one of the flowers girl was wearing the cutest mini bride outfit complete with a bouquet. It was just a walk through at the church, so everybody understood their lines and places ahead of tomorrow.¬† But somehow it became more than that. The look on their faces as they held each others hand and said those words, their faces were so full of hope I got a little teary.
Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by the wedding-pretty in the magazines or the blogs that you forget what weddings about. You don’t know the couple so all you can focus on is the surface stuff: the dress, the match- matchy colour schemes, the intricate flower schemes. And that can obscure the meaning. Last night’s wedding rehearsal had none of that and it didn’t matter, their love infused it with the meaning. It was a wedding in all but name.
Weddings are a choice, to pledge yourself to another, ignoring the statistics and the naysayers to choose each other. The Boy and I don’t have to do this, we’ve been together seven years, living together in happily unwedded bliss for five.¬† But we want to take this next step together. I’m sure that there will be problems (there have already been dress wobbles and family fights). The flowers might be wrong, or my hair might have decided to something odd, it has a mind of its own. But none of those things will matter in 366 days time. On this day next year the Boy and I will be standing in front of everybody we love pledging to marry each other, and our love will carry us through. I can’t wait.

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