This week I have been mostly…

  1. Watching Attack the Block at the cinema Think alien invasion + inner city tower block setting x directed by Joe Cornish (aka Joe out of Adam and Joe) = pure cinematic pleasure. Really, it was as if this movie was designed for me. The thing I enjoyed most about this movie was how different it was to see the underclass in the UK depicted.  Funny, sad and terrifying, I was so glad I didn’t wait to see this on video.
  2. Scoffing these amazing kiwi and lemon cupcakes. I always buy kiwis because I love how they taste, forgetting that I am too lazy to cut them and take them into work. To save them from slowly rotting in the fruit bowl my google-fu lead me to this cupcake recipe online. I amended the recipe slightly, I had no strawberries so just used kiwi’s in the icing and made it gluten-free, using Juvela flour for the Boy. The cupcakes were really yummy, soft and moist the sharpness of the fruit cutting through the taste of the cake. Yummy
  3. Researching invites for our wedding. I’m still at the pleasurable stage of the process before reality and knowledge of our budget (or lack thereof) kicks in. I’m having so much fun browsing Etsy and amazing stationery sites like Hello Lucky. There is something so luxurious about lined envelopes. No judgement, I’m an editor we have a bit of stationery fetish, OK? So far I have fallen in love with letterpress. There is something about how every invite is handmade, different from the others, and the beautiful inked patterns that I love. See an amazing letter pressed invites below. You can buy letterpress from this site but I fear my craft skills aren’t there yet… we’ll see
    From the lifestyle blog
  4. Visiting Standen, this Arts’ and Craft family home with beautiful William Morris interiors. It was my mother-in-law-to- be birthday a perfect excuse for a National Trust jaunt. Ever since I discovered the Morris quote: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ I become obsessed by him. Inspired I’ve been working on a number of home projects to make my home more user-friendly and more beautiful.
    Wallpaper is a dying art but intricate colour designs contrasted with plain white walls can be so striking
  5. Juggling four, yes four different books. By bedside table is teetering under the weight of the stack of my to-be-read pile. I’m conscious that when I’m back at Uni I’ll have almost no time for reading for pleasure, so I’ve tried to cram a variety of books in. The dark and creepy Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith; George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords (I’m so obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment, especially as I know what’s coming eek); Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld an awkward coming of age drama; and Stone’s Fall investigating a businessman’s death told backwards. So far my butterfly brain is managing to keep up with all the different threads.

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