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Definition of pinterest
Exactly, if I wanted to feel inferior about my life I’d start reading glossy magazines again. All jokes aside, I’m fast becoming a Pinterest convert.
For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a social networking site where you can pin any image you find (or steal other people’s, much more fun and positively encouraged) organising them according to your interests into boards. My boards for example range from DIY and style tips to food and writing inspiration. For example, here is my craft projects pinboard:

My Craft projects pinboard
See those comic book pumps in the top left hand corner, we wants them precious.
Pinterest is a great way to organise your visual interests, cut down on the your bookmarks, and see with a glance what you rate and what you hate! I’m finding it particularly useful to create wedding and writing boards to give me an overview of what inspires me.
For me the best part of Pinterest connecting with people I’ve never met over a mutual love of glitter, peacock feathers and Joan Collins 🙂 You can even browse what everybody is pinning which gives you a glimpse into the zeitgeist of the pin themes emerging mainly: gooey deserts, crafting and nail polish.
Yes, my craft project board would probably be more usefully titled projects I aspire to but am unlikely to ever have the time, money or talent to complete. I’m a realist, I can take photo’s of my friends gurning on a night out but I’ll never be a great photography. But I work with amazing images everyday and it’s so nice to have a place to collect all those visuals that spark something within me.
So join Pinterest, follow me and get pinning!

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