Easter is (almost) here

The sun is shining, Cher and Sonny are playing on Spotify and there’s just one working day left before the Easter holidays. A sneaky g’n’t may have been proposed at the student bar for lunchtime. My lovely colleague has bought in a Lindt chocolate bunny which I will be ritually sacrificing later to sate my hunger. In short, I’m a little excited about the Easter holidays.
Thanks to Wills, Cate and baby Jesus I only have to take two days of annual leave to get almost two weeks off!
It feels like it’s been a long slog from Christmas to here, but we’ve almost made it. As always I’ve made grand plans for the break: wedding dress shopping, drinks with friends, BBQs, seaswimming, birthday parties. Even the fact that I am under Dr’s order to not use my foot can’t dampen my spirits. But mostly I am just looking forward to lying in my parents garden watching the cats, and being throughly busy doing nothing.
Hope your break is equally idyllic and I’ll catch you on the other side.

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