Links-a-plenty Thursdays

A list of the things I found interesting this week in no particular order

  • After the rather depressing previous week filled with (Oh Whoopi why?) there have been a slew of awesome posts including Kate Harding in the Salon reminding us that Polanski raped a child, Jim Hines defunking the Polanski apologists and this article in the Guardian about the backlash on Hollywood from their support of Polanski which managed to do the unthinkable. This quote from the awesome Harding made me laugh “Who knew being disgusted with Roman Polanski would turn out to be the ever-elusive common ground between rightwing dudes and liberal feminists?”
  • The eternal optimists and article on the probation service
  • The pilot for the new Stargate Universe series. I liked: the updated camera-work and visual look and feel. Will be interested to see how they keep the drama dynamic given they have a fixed number of actors (unless it turns into aliens of the week) and resources.
  • My colleague had a book of photos printed from Blurb of her travels throughout America. Beautiful photos. I’ve been wondering what to do with our travel photos for ages. This seems like the perfect solution.

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