Wall-E and character

Had a blissful evening out yesterday. We ate out at the marina (that height of cultural sophistication). Its chokka with loads of chain restaurants which mainly specialise in Italian food, (if Italian = Pizza Hut). But its cheap and even better you can eat and watch the boats and bask in the late afternoon sun. Bliss for us sun-starved Brits.
As the sun was setting we went to the cinema to see Wall-E. It wasn’t the 9th best film ever (overhyped much, IMDB?), but it was sweet and funny with a nice message about the consequences of our disposable lifestyles.
The thing I found most interesting was about how the film created characters when for the first half an hour or so there is almost no dialogue. In fact throughout the entire movie the dialogue is limited and the relationship between Wall-E and Eve consists of physical interaction and a few repeated phrases. The scene in which he digs a jewelry box out of the rubble complete with diamond ring. And throws the diamond away but keeps the box.
As a writer it can often be easy to get caught up in dialogue. This was a timely reminder to show not tell. The curious Wall-E and the trigger happy Eve will react to the same event completely differently.

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