Messing about on the river

All in all I had quite a good weekend. I spent most of Saturday lying back home in the garden being pounced on by Buffy (our male cat) and nuzzled by Lucy (our girl cat). The highlight of the day was when we went on a walk by the ruins. Its one of the most beautiful tranquil spots and it always restores my spirits. I clambered up the old ewe tree and laughed when my eldest sister got stuck.
Today I met up with Ros in Richmond and we went on a boat trip down the Thames to Kingston. The weather was perfect hot with a slight breeze stupidly I forget to pack sunblock so my nose is very pink indeed. The whole boat heard our views on a variety of subjects, poor them.
Despite a rather sad start this turned out to be a pretty blissful weekend and I feel very relaxed, if not a little pink.

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