Today I am mostly thinking…

  • Woo hoo it’s Friday! Oh except its not (: Is there any feeling more horrible then waking up convinced for a few precious seconds it’s the almost the weekend before reality reasserts itself.
  • I’m so envious of jetsetting colleagues and friends who are going to Alabama and Turkey. Its been way too long since I’ve been outside the UK, however I am planning a holiday to the Lake District later this year. Yay?
  • Thank you Microsoft word for you help auto correction of my main antagonists name to Marshmallow. Although it does kinda take away from the whole evil thing to have it associated with puffy sugary goodness (unless your ghostbusters in which case yay!)
  • Loathing Lila off Dexter with ever fibre of my being. I’ve never met another English person who drawls in that weird upper class British way. In a cast of impeccable actors she alone stands out as, well, being a bit mediocre. Although she was almost redeemed by the ‘pardon my tits’ comment. And Debs bitching “She’s obviously a vampire. A gross, English titty vampire.” Touche.
  • Speaking of Dexter I really disliked the idea that Dexter would punch Doakes and obviously frame him. Up until now Dexter has been very smart. Why would he reveal his true colours to Doakes when he knows how fixated and tenacious Doakes is? Even if you buy the whole embrace the darkness path he has been on with Lila, being so reckless goes against the covert way he normally operates. Especially as it was a calculated move as opposed to a emotional act. It was an obvious move to further the plot, and completely went against his character. Rant over.
  • You can’t italicise full stops. I don’t know why this delights me but it really does 🙂
  • I really need to update the music on my ipod

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