I have been incredibly lazy on the blogging front. As I was starting to get over my ear infection (and get used to the mixed blessing of being able to hear again), I was struck down with flu. I couldn’t have planned it at a more unfortunate time various members of my team were off sick/had left/ or were on holiday so it was just me and an another member of the team in. Not good, especially as we had one of our big projects for proofing and another 30 page brochure. I marked up at home in a delirious state, but finally had to concede defeat and take to my bed.
Now I’m all better but struggling to juggle work, revision (for my theory test this Thursday eek!), and trying to hack my way through book revisions.
The theory test revison is not helped by the fact that the questions are so dull. I know whether or not I’m too close to the car in front how will knowing the exact stopping distance helping me seeing as I can’t visually judge 36 meters? But I persist and I’m quite enjoying the feeling of cramming facts in my brain which shows I’ve been out of formal education for far too long.
I’ve also got the biggest pile of book reviews to write, and I’ll try and get round to them soon.

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