Today I am mostly…

  • Wishing I lived in America so I could watch BSG season 4;
  • Telling everybody that there are 192 countries in the world if you don’t count Vatican City and Tibet. I don’t know many factoids but I sure get mileage out of the ones I do know;
  • Deaf in my left ear. I haven’t been able to hear since Sunday I’ve also got ear ache, nausea and dizziness, nice. The Boy is not sympathetic and accused me of being a hypochondriac! Rude. Just because I’ve been telling him that I have ear cancer/glue ear/ spiders eggs in there. I never should have read NHS direct;
  • Watching Gossip Girl. Its not the sharp and bitchy panacea I longed for but in my current illness addled state it will do pretty clothes and NY real estate porn;
  • Organising the image library at work. This means I get to play around with taxonomies and grapple with our increasing surreal image captioning;
  • Wondering whether my bank manager will hunt me down if I go on a shopping spree. I want clothes;
  • Mocking a colleague who lasted a measly three minutes without speaking an acronym;
  • Writing lazy blogposts like this one 🙂

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