The clocks going forward + the return of a five day week + Monday morning = does not an awake Rowan make.
To compensate for my extreme sleepiness I am listening to Lastfm very loudly (how much does lastfm rock? A radio station that adapts to your music preferences, yes please).
Other things I am loving in no particular order

  • seeing my friends. It was one of my best friend’s birthdays this weekend. There was pink wavers, balloons, angel cards, pink champagne, a gay and very not gay cat and a game of two lies and a truth in which we fruitlessly tried to find things we hadn’t already confessed to each other. All in all I have some of the funniest, sickest, loveliest friends in the world (but never the nicest :))
  • Blenio, if you are a Brightonian you must try this restaurant. Located close to seven dials its a European bistro set around intimate sized tables complete with fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables as a centre piece. The food is delicious my main was spinach and riccoti cake, potato rosti with cherry tomatoes and a rocket dressing. Yummy. The Boy had quail for his starter, followed by pork belly, and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. I had a chocolat tart with raspberry coulis and mascarpone. Even more entertaining was the two old ladies eating behind me who were having an edifying conversation about their sex lives.
  • TV wise I have been mostly watching: Gossip girl (trashy, bitchy brain candy), Reaper (slacker comedy you must indulge in for the oleaginous devil, and Sock who is my new TV best friend).
  • dressing up, I’m already planning my outfit for this weeks burlesque fun. I can’t wait
  • Word of the day: mendacious aka a posh way to say lying.

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