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So Easter rocks. Spent most of my time up in London visiting The Boys parents, meeting Indy (the cat), and dropped in on my family. It snowed for most of the weekend which made London look like Narnia. Even better, I got a extra day off on Thursday and I get extra day off tomorrow making five whole days off in total. Thank you lovely employer.
The delightful Rowan (the other one) tagged me to list eight random things about myself. So, very belatedly, here they are:
I hate brushing my hair (as any picture taken over the last couple of years proves.) I have very thick easily tangleable hair which eats combs which sends me into a Verucca Salt temper tantrum.. Also I am very indolent and combing hair is just too much effort. Helena Bonham Carter is my idol, not only does she embrace the birds nests, she makes it a statement and even has matching bird nested hubby Tim Burton. Fab! I am currently engaged in a life-long war of attrition with my mum where she vainly tries to stop me from looking like human version of what-a-mess. She is failing.

I have a tattoo (of a pentegram), a scar of a cats paws on my thigh, and have been pierced nine times (including two self piercings) but I only wear earrings now.

I won an award when I was 10 for a story about powder monkeys in the Napoleanic wars
. The story was my first unwitting attempt at slash fiction and depicted the ‘friendship’ between two boys. Twas a hearbreaking work of staggering genius (damn you Eggers!). I always loved the HoYay.
This is gross, I once had blisters so bad on my feet that my entire sole peeled off. The doctors took photos for medical journals and said it was the worst case of trench foot they had seen in this decade. To recreate this at home all you need is Soft feet+ speedwalking+ wet socks (from swimming)+ thick sport socks = trenchfoot. Even grosser it took two lessons for me to notice my shoes had filled up with blood.
I am obsessed with tennis. I’ve no idea why as 1)I’m completely dyspraxic, 2) I find most sports boring too watch 3) Up until the age of 15 I hated tennis too. I have been to Wimbeldon six times, Eastbourne three times, and Queens once. I have seen Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi (three times!), Mark Philippoussis, Tim Henman (three times (:), Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt, Maria Sharapova, and Serena Williams play.
I used to act (badly). I have played Alice in Alice in Wonderland, The Caterpillar in the aforementioned play, The Fool in King Lear, a nurse, a fairy, a Lost Boy, Jasmine in Aladdin, Cinderella, and a nanny.
If I were a superhero my special power would be the ability to heal (ruling out any Rogue/Peter style powers which is just being greedy)
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