Veronica Mars

I am feeling very grumpy this morning so I thought I would cheer myself up by raving about Veronica Mars. I’ve speed watched the first season which was pitch perfect and I’m midway through the second season (which sadly is markedly less brilliant)
SPOILERS aplenty below, so don’t read on if you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of Veronica Mars PI.
Season one
1) Veronica. Kirsten Bell is spot on as the clever, prickly but always compassionate heroine. From the pilot where her motivations are murky at best you come to realise Veronica is on the side of the underdog using her PI skills to give justice to the playground
2)The writing is so strong. From the first episode Lily’s disappearance, Keith’s fall from grace, why Veronica is outcast all of the main storylines are foreshadowed
3) The music is fantastic. Perfectly picked to add atmosphere or undercut a scene, the soundtrack is currently on repeat.
4)Lily is not just another dead blonde with large boobs. You get her and Veronica’s troubled friendship and you understand why Veronica would sacrifice anything to find out what happens to her.
5) Veronica isn’t perfect. She jumps to conclusions, she’s vindictive, she gets it wrong a lot and she’s kindoff a bitch. But I sort of love her. It’s her vulnerabilities that make her interesting
6) Logan. Rwahaha. Logan is not your typical romantic hero: he’s a jerk so much so that many viewers (but never me) suspected him of being Veronica’s rapist. But Logan and Veronica even when they hate each other, they have chemistry in spades. And as the relationship develops and you see two damaged people opening up to each other. It’s magical.
The one ‘minor’ gripe I have is that I get the feeling that Logan and Veronica might be going down the Joey/Dawson/Pacey route or the Ross/Rachel. Ie couples on-off-on-off for dramatic impetus until the audience commits hari kari to the scream of ‘we were on a break.’
8)Aaron Echolls, that final scene with his eyes in the mirror eek.
1) Wallace is underdeveloped as a character one of the (many) things I loved about Buffy was that the show wasn’t just about the titular character, Willow, Zander, Giles, Cordelia, Oz, Anya, and later *lesigh* Dawn. Whedon and co got that Buffy character was made infinitely more complex and multi faceted by her relationship with her friends. In the Pilot episode, Wallace brought out Veronica’s softer side. But from them on it seemed like she never really needed in him.
2)The four orchards worth of Duncan Kane. He’s a little wooden… shall we say. And I get that his character is meant to be shellshocked by his sisters death, and characters including Veronica refer to his passivity ‘You stand idly by’. But sometimes I think that the wood is less choice and the unfortunate side effect of the actor not being skilled enough to give a nuanced performance. We need to see the connection between Veronica and Duncan and that their relationship was heartfelt because the impression is that it wasn’t. So therefore we never feel sad that they broke up.
3) Long hair Veronica, the problem is of character really because in the flashbacks Veronica is dull a little bit of a 09ner and we never get the sense that she’s interested in detecting: all of the characteristics that make her great in the present
4) ‘Celebrity’ cameos, Paris Hilton?! Need I say more.
Anyway watch it! It rocks

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