She's a pistol

I’ve had a good weekend. But now I’m deep into the Sunday blues that even a three day week can’t alleviate. Bleurgh.
I went back home for the weekend. The Boys mum and dad are moving to my home town and we went for a look round their new home. Its gorgeous, high ceilings, beautifully finished and with its only mini temple in the garden. Then I went up on the hill to see the folks.
Today, I just lounged in bed and indulged in my new obsession, Veronica Mars. Veronica is the daughter of a PI, an outcast and a former member of the 09ners the rich kids that rule the school. Her best friend Lily Kane was murdered and her father the former sheriff was discredited after going the father of the Kanes. The show is brilliant Veronica is approachable, feisty, interesting, but never smug. She’s like the new Nancy Drew. The shows funny and sad a little bit twin peaks, a little bit buffy. Go watch it, go watch it now!
{Does anyone know to cut and hide things? I really want to rave in detail about certain books and shows without spoilering them for friends}
Less of a recommendation more of avoid this if you don’t want to be a little bored. We’re watching the mist at the moment which is filled with people jostling for the position of ‘Too-stupid-to-live’ from the religious freak lady, unbelieving attorney, callow youth etc. Its not quite as bad as cloverfield (30 minutes of drunken party footage, 1 hour and a half of running and screaming with unlikable stupid characters) but what is? Anyway you can tell how interested I am in by the fact I’m surfing the internet instead of watching the damn thing. Although interesting ending
Example 1 of how hypothetical situations ruin relationships I was not too impressed that The Boy just remarked ‘why is he going back for his wife’. Hmmm
My friend joey has joined the blogging revolution with his friend leo. Go and check out their film review blog over here

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