3 things I'm loving about Lost this series

I’m really getting into Lost again. I can’t help it. I know it’s the TV equivalent of that hot guy with the perfect hair and the air of mystery – until you actually talk to him and figure out the perfect hair is hours spent in front of the mirror and the air of mystery is just somebody without anything interesting to say. Even when I’m faced with the almost certain realisation that there is no way the writers are going to be able to tie up all the loose ends in the conclusion of the show, I still love it. I need help.
Anyway the show has definitely started getting more interesting since it has confirmed that it has a end point. So in honour of the fourth season (IMHO the most compelling series yet) I thought I’d post 3 things I love about Lost:
1) The flash-forwards are utter genius. In the third series they managed to breathe new life into the flash backs by concentrating on the others. But still they are only so many times you can look at Jack’s fascinating previous life (yawn). I mean we get it your a spine surgeon, with daddy issues, a divorce, and a drinking problem do we really need to rehash old. So when the series finale of season three focussed on yet more Jack flashbacks I was bored – until the ending ‘we have to go back to the island.’ Eeek! And I was so glad this continued in the fourth season.
2) Ben, he may be weaselly googly eye machiavellian freak, but he’s unbelievably compelling. Unlike some of the less believable characters Ben’s actions always seem in keeping with his character. That Ben may turn out to be the saviour of the lostaways is well genius.
3) An actual, gulp, explanation appears to be forthcoming for the messed up physics of the island. How the polars bears are going to fit in who knows?

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