Procrastination thy name is Rowan

So you set yourself a firm, not to be moved deadline, that you will send your novel out for beta reading at the end of March. And you know that by then you have to work day and night to complete the revisions needed so the novel is in as good as state as it possibly can be. Knowing this would you:
a)revise in lunchtimes, after work, before work, forgoing sleep, food and all others things but the WORK.
b)practise your guitar hero skills until the 29th of March then panic and spend a frantic day shifting commas like deckchairs on the Titanic
c) Write 1,500 words of a new project completely unrelated to WIP, and excitably start drawing up outlines for the birthing process of your new baby.
If the answer is c then you are an eejit just like me. So I am firmly going to back away from the keyboard until all thoughts of my fabulous new project fade from my mind. If only if it was that easy …

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