Website of the week – Best of Craigslist

So I thought I would start a semi-regular* feature of website of the week, in which I recommend a new or old favourite website for many hours of procrastinating goodness.
Craigslist has finally hit my home town. I’m quite excited because the pure random weirdness of Craigslist combined with weirdness of local people=comedy gold.
If your new to the wonders of Craigslist you have to check out this website Best of Craigslist. Reader of the site filter the weirdest, grossest, funniest entries for a best of category.
And some of these posts are absolutely genius:
Like this My Turtle needs a booty call, this turtle the ‘John Holmes of turtles’ has recently become ‘a man’ and needs a ‘special friend.’
bathroom stall at work – at least he washed his hands, hmm?
Get well balloon, a deflating balloon free fab
I love this guy, Lets frolic in my totally dope blanket fort anybody who’s a fan of blanket forts is OK by me.
In other random news I’m having a really fun Sunday evenings while I’m wasting time on the internet the guys are building humane mouse traps out of lego. Its like scrapheap challenge but smaller. Of course Mr F’s mousetrap doesn’t really have a hair trigger – more of obese mouse/small cat trigger. I haven’t quite pointed out the flaw in his plan …
*aka whenever I can be bothered

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