Birdhouse in your soul

Some days you have one of those grinding days where everything feels a bit grey, a little harsh, as if all of the joy has been sucked out of the world. HR have messed up my (and a couple of others peoples) pay slips. So I haven’t been paid yet and they have no timescale for when this will be sorted out. All in all I was in a pretty vile mood.
But then I spoke to Ros who cheered me up, then I spoke to my dad who came out with some pretty stellar advice. And it reminded me that even when you are having a day that is not even in the same universe as fantastic sometimes all you can do is breathe deeply, let it all go, and start again. Do whatever you can to look after yourself: talk to friends, look through old holiday snaps, read the book you’ve been saving for a special occassion, eat something that is so delicious it feels like a blessing in your mouth, wrap yourself up in blankets and watch buffy, or listen to some uplifiting music. Just when thought I was going to cry Birdhouse in your soul by They might be giants came on my ipod. It was like a shaft of light had come from through the clouds. Audio bliss

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