I’m having one of those days at work when the normal rules of time don’t seem to apply. The task that is supposed to take five minutes (and have been sorted on Friday) eats into a morning*. While something I thought would take all afternoon, I’ve finished in half an hour. Along the way I’ve discovered all sorts of nifty photoshop tricks and my desktop has started to look like the graveyard where files come to die.
The above picture is courtesy of the lovely Irayla (I get to be Belle, because who wouldn’t be wooed by a library? swoon (also am I the only one who thought the Beast was more attractive as a Beast then the freaky weird human he turned into at the end of the film? I always preferred the Angela Carter retellings of Beauty and Beast, lush, sensuous and creepy)).
So this amused me.
As did this even more celeb cameo heavy response (Harrison Ford!!!).
I’ve also found out about this: Dunning Kruger effect which explains every ignorant bigot I have ever met. Basically people who have little knowledge tend to judge their grasp of an area higher than those who comparatively have much more knowledge but rate their expertise more critically. Ignorance is bliss.
I’m off to book group tonight, (I’ll discuss this month’s book in tomorrows’ post). Book group always makes me feel delightfully grown up not at all like the real me, who has three savings accounts and no savings, who is still learning to drive, and who ate nothing but chocolate for supper last Friday.
*Sadly this is almost entirely down my extreme stupidity, quelle surprise, n’est-ce pas?

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