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So I’m having one of those days when even choosing what bagel to eat for lunch is causing a meltdown of epic proportions (philadelphia and cucumber vs feta and spinach? Argh!). So instead of having to make pesky decisions for myself why not let my ipod do it for me? Today Madame Rowanna and her spirit guide nano will answer everything you ever wanted to know and more! From the mundane to the mystic see below for the answers!
Q:Will I ever be a published author?
Song:’I’ve got a Theory’ by Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast from Once More with Feeling
Analysis: Interesting. The song on the whole is about the different theories each of the characters have about what is causing people to spontaneously burst into song and dance. An upbeat musical number its also an ensemble piece which suggests that to be successful I need the support of an ensemble of people. The song ends with Buffy chiming with a rousing chorus supported by the rest of the characters ‘What can’t we face if we are together?’. The last line ‘There’s nothing we can’t face – except for bunnies.’ indicates that I should temper by dreams with realism. All in all a tentative yes.
Q:Will Lost ever be concluded satisfactory?
Song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles
Analysis: Eh? This song is very Lost appropriate, its like a trip or a dream full of ‘meaningful’ symbols and dream logic (aka brain vomit). I think this is the musical equivalent of have the writers been smoking crack? Aka there will be answers but they will make no sense. But be very pretty while making no sense. (Sawyer le sigh)
Q:Should I get another tattoo?
Song: Worried About Ray by the Hoosiers
Analysis: ‘The future’s out to get you’, ‘I’m treading on my tippy-toes/I’m painfully so worried about Ray.’ Hmm I’m thinking this a pretty conclusive no and also indicating that if I ever get a tattoo it will be involve my toes and be painful. Thanks nano, whatever would I do without your helpful guidance 🙂
Q:Should I go and buy some chocolate buttons?
Song: 74-75 by the Connells
Analysis: At first glance the title seems to be a not veiled reference to size I will be in if I give into the craving for chocolate buttons (75 stone, nano thats just rude). I will be ‘Sorry ever after’ if I give into my cravings (who knew chocolate buttons would be such a pivotal point in my future). But as the song seems to indicate ‘There’s nothing to say’ as if this a mistake I shall inevitably make.
Q:Will I be BF* 4eva** with Irayla, Bunny and Ros?
Song: Everlong by the Foo Fighters
Analysis: Aaah, I heart this song so much. ‘Hello/ I’ve waited here for you/ Everlong.’ True, I did wait a while to meet them (til I was 14 ancient!). ‘If everything would ever feel this real forever/if anything would ever be this good again/ the only thing I’ll ever ask of you/ you’ve got to not to stop when I say when’ seeming to indicate treasure these moments because afterwards you will look back and realise how great the times were. Nothing but good times ahead 🙂
Q:Will the Boy’s business be a success?
A: Bawitdaba by Kid Rock
Analysis: Now nano is just messing with my brain. All the references to methadone clinic, hookers, hood, pit, the porno flicks could indicate a certain moral grubbiness or mean that his business reaches out to certain demographic. Sadly as I can’t hear what Kid Rock is actually saying its all a bit of a mystery.
Conclusion: With the help of my guide nano I have peeled back the veil to reveal the abyss of the future that stretches before me. Try it yourself***
*BF=Best friends, for those of you who are not fifteen or my Lil Sis
**4eva=For ever, see above
***Disclaimer: Madame Rowenna and her guide nano recommend that you only undertake the peeling back of the veil to reveal the abyss of the future TM under the guidance of a trained professional

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